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Hydrogeological Studies

A Groundwater Sustainability Study or Hydrogeological Assessment is used by regulating authorities to identify groundwater conditions required for drinking water use, infrastructure installation, infiltration assessments, and septic bed design. It may be required prior to subdivision development or land severance.

ASC have conducted numerous groundwater sustainability studies and hydrogeological assessments, and can help you navigate this process in a timely and cost effective manner.


When is a Groundwater Sustainability Study / Hydrogeological Assessment necessary?


Subdivision Development

In preparation for land development applications, a single-well response (slug) test is required to assess the groundwater hydrogeological conditions, in preparation for site development. This test assesses the potential groundwater infiltration during excavation work for residential subdivision development, municipal infrastructure installation, and septic bed design.


Land Severance

In preparation for land severance, we conduct hydrogeological assessments on recently installed drinking water wells. This assessment determines whether the water quality and quantity associated with the well meet current Ministry of Environment and Climate Change requirements, including potential interference with neighbouring wells.

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