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Environmental Compliance

Environmental Compliance Approvals (ECA) and Permits are the process used by regulators to outline environmental obligations required by industrial and commercial operators. Applying for an ECA may be an onerous task and the associated obligations may involve monitoring of effected environmental resources (i.e., air, soil, and water), which is where we come in.

ASC Environmental Inc. has extensive experience in demonstrating due diligence to Environmental Compliance Approvals and Permits. We have assisted many clients by providing compliance monitoring, including air and effluent monitoring, landfill gas and leachate monitoring, remediation system monitoring, and management of excess soils.

Our personnel can assist in gaining permits and approvals, understanding your obligations, and in demonstrating adherence to approvals and permits.

Common compliance approval activities include:

  • Excess Soil Management Plans

  • Underground Storage Tank Removal – Soil Quality Verification

  • Permits to Take Water

  • Effluent Monitoring

  • Air Monitoring

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